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This is the newest mating. If every thing goes well we will have pups June 2010.

Mot: Mot like her brother Moon Shine is basically a cross between two lines. On the Top you have Alligator/Tonka bred dogs and on the Bottom you have Jeep/Redboy/Jocko bred dogs. Normally crosses do not produce very consistent or outstanding litters but in this instance it created a family that is standing the test of time. Mot herself is a dog that represents all that is good about her family. Her brother CH "Max: has beaten 3 Champions and her other littermates have already produced some good, game show winners. Mot was bred to her brother Moon, and up to date this breeding has represented this breeding and the family as well as any other breeding. Mot has also been bred to studs like Butcher's "Big John" and Butcher's "Teacher" and the results have been awesome so far. Both families represented in Mot's breeding are very well known for their consistency in Serbia and Russia through AC/DC kennels and Antohin Kennels.

Cody: Cody is an incredibly strong dog that was imported to South Africa from Victor Aycard. Victor is well known for His breeding success with Grand Champion "Mayday" and incorporating similar blood to create a family that can and did stand the test of time. Victor Himself stands behind Cody as a dog that will produce winning show dogs for the future. Cody is a dog with some of the best individuals from his blood with the Likes of Grand Champion "Buck", CH "357". Even further Cody is from the Best kennels that can offer this blood for generations like Southern Kennels, Evolution Kennels, Stone City Kennels, STP, Hollingworth and Super Kennels. This includes ROM & POR dogs for generations in the pedigree like Hollingworth's "Dolly", Grand Champion "Mayday", Grand Champion "Buck", Stone City Kennels "Lady Shark", Super Kennel Ch "357", Hollingworth's Dolly", Grand Champion "Yellow", Rattlif's CH "Butkus", Rattliff's "Miss Leaky", Grand Champion "Yellow Buck", Stone City Kennels "Miss Piggy, Stone City's "Awesome Baby", Rattliff's Daisy Mae".Stone City's CH "Nico", Stone City's "Jedi", Stone City's "Blondie", STP ""Sassy". Not just dogs with performance titles but also dogs known to produce as good and better that they are.

The combination of this blood will be some of the Best Redboy/Jocko/Honeybunch Blood you can find anywhere in the world. This Blood will come with a tad Of Plumber's Alligator" blood and also some CH "Termite" blood". This combination is bound to produce very strong, Powerful game dogs with years of proof standing behind it as well as a Dam and sire that has been guaranteed to represent their blood and to produce the same. Both from Rock Solid Families. Both families have been combined before with huge success.


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