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Canine Poetry

Now listen all you people, make sure you listen good! The most courageous animal on earth, is now totally misunderstood. They make him out to be a demon, from our uncivilized starts. Take away his noble heritage, with true hatred in our hearts. If only some people and authorities could see this dog for what he is, ….A gifted canine athlete that will gladly play with kids. The media. Wanting to sell the news, do not report the fact. People naïve and gullible believe their sensational crap. Once depicted as an American symbol, of courage and liberty. Now throughout the world, we struggle …to walk this dog with dignity. The Pit-Bull dogs are now said to be, a menace and a foe. And ALL they say, should be put to sleep, without being given a go. "So, what happens to this dog," you say, "What is the bulldogs fate?" I will leave you in suspense no longer, cause to tell, I cannot wait. Any man that will not give up, even when things look blue. Will continue to breed the Bulldog, making sure he is still bred true. The man that hates the thought of quit, giving in to simply lei down. Such men will always yearn the need, to have the Pit-Bull dog around


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